Welcome to the 7 DAY KETO CHALLENGE course! In this course you will be able to learn all about how to start and sustain the keto lifestyle. This course has a variety of resources and is a wealth of information that I WISH I HAD the first week that I started Keto--AND it does! I spent countless hours reading books and scouring the internet for a way to really make Keto easy to follow and understand and ultimately implement REALISTICALLY into mine and my family's life.

I have gotten countless emails and messages from others who just want to know where to start and how to actually succeed even once they start. My hope is that in this 7 DAY KETO CHALLENGE you will be free to start this lifestyle with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

The course is self-paced and is designed to complete within 7 days with about one hour of dedicated time per day--Let's be honest, that is less than most of us scroll social media every day--so I think it is realistic:) It can also be completed in more than or less than 7 days--that is totally up to you and how fast or paced you want to learn. There are 7 modules with video and powerpoint instruction as well as resources and daily CHALLENGE TASKS. There is a place for comments and engagement where you can learn from others taking the course as well. My hope is that it gives you a solid framework with tons of vetted resources from experts where you can begin and thrive on this lifestyle. Thank you for purchasing this course and making this commitment and we will see you in the course.

You are a priority as one of my students. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] I am happy to help you:)